Bathroom Remodeling Wentzville

Bathroom Remodeling in Wentzville

With a little help from Butler Home Improvement, you can transform your Wentzville home or property with a bathroom remodel that you’ll be excited to share with family and friends.

Wentzville Bathroom Remodeling. Besides the kitchen, bathrooms tend to be the most frequently utilized room in any home. Due to this fact, there is absolutely no wonder why bathroom remodeling ranks so high on our Wentzville client’s wish list of home improvements to complete. Since bathroom renovations often bump up the value of a home, property owners often wait to create a dream bathroom until they are moving. While we understand, we can’t say that we agree. We would hope you get to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of an updated bathroom before you intend to put it on the market!


At Butler Home Improvement, we place extreme importance on the happiness of our customers. To prove that we are committed to Wentzville clients, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every product and service we offer.

If you’ve just completed bathroom remodeling in Wentzville and are moving on to your next project, the staff at Butler would be more than happy to help. Our interior and exterior home improvement services provide everything from deck installation to window replacement to sunroom design and beyond. For those less than hand individuals, our handyman services are just what you’ve always needed. No matter if you require gutter cleaning, pictures hung, or interior painting, our team of professionals will get your home up to snuff. If you’re ready to get started on an interior or exterior home improvement project with Butler, call us today at (314) 329-5489!

Since 1996, woman-owned and independently operated Butler Home Improvement has been serving homeowners in Wentzville and the Greater St Louis area with the highest standard of home improvement including a full selection of interior and exterior remodeling services. Our highly skilled team is proud to deliver the absolute best in products, services, and installation, through The Butler Advantage and our dedication to White Glove Service. To learn more about Butler, or if you’d like to get started on a remodel or home improvement project for your Wentzville property, contact us today by calling (314) 329-5489 or completing our online contact form!

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