Solar Shades

Solar Shades

Enhance the value and visual appeal of your living space with solar shade services from Butler!


Natural light is beautiful and energizing, but sometimes it can be too harsh. Butler Home Improvement offers an ideal solution for managing sunlight with sleek and modern Solar Window Shades. If you are looking to provide stylish comfort and protection for your home, solar window shades are the answer. By minimizing glare and solar heat gain while still maintaining your view, Solar Window Shades feature an innovative “openness” factor allowing for controlled permeation of light. A higher openness level lets more light pass in to the room, adding subtle brightness and allowing a clearer view out of your windows.

Another great benefit of Solar Window Shades from Butler Home Improvement is that they can be completely customized for your home. Solar Shades can be ordered to fit windows of any size or style and are installed by professional installers. Butler Home Improvement confidently recommends Sunspace Sunshades for their superior quality. These solar shades are manufactured with durable fabrics and have flawless product consistency, ease of use and smooth control mechanisms. Our skilled design consultants are available to help you make the most informed decisions when investing in your St Louis area or Collinsville area home. We believe every customer should fully understand the features, benefits, or drawbacks of a product before deciding to buy. Butler Home Improvement’s design consultants will educate you on all of your options and make suggestions based on your personal style and preferences so that you can be confident you are making a solid, lasting investment.
Great Service!

We used Butler for new windows. All employees were very professional, and performed quality work in a timely manner. Project consultant was very easy to contact and very accommodating to our schedules.

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