Signs It’s Time to Remodel

The Butler Home Improvement team is driven by our shared passion for creating the most beautiful interior and exterior spaces. From beginning to end, we ensure that your home improvement project incorporates your personal taste while complimenting the structure and style of your home or property.

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 When Is It Time to Remodel?

As one of the leading home remodeling companies in the St. Louis area, Butler Home Improvement has constructed countless renovations for home and property owners on both sides of the river. There are several tell-tale signs that it’s time to complete updates to your home that we have heard from clients time and time again. If you’re reading through and this sounds like your home, take our loyal customers advice and give Butler Home Improvement a call!

Perpetual Messiness

If your kitchen countertop is cluttered, the contents of your closet are spilling into your bedroom, or bathroom products line the sink, it is time to entertain home remodeling ideas that rid you of constant disarray. At Butler Home Improvement, we love helping clients find a solution to the problem. Regardless if your home remodeling solution is a custom-built pantry, a personalized closet, or a tailor-made vanity, the home remodeling experts at Bulter Home Improvement will ensure your dilemma vanishes.

Notwithstanding the Ravages of Time

Over the years, any home will begin to show signs of age. However, when the problem becomes apparent, it is time to consider a home remodel to get back to tip top shape. If you notice broken tiles in the shower, chips in the paint, or cracked countertops, the team at Butler Home Improvement can repair or repaint any imperfections. Our professionals can even help you completely remove and replace any severely damaged household fixtures.



Everything Is Dated

Look around your house. Does everything look like as if it came out of a 1980s movie? It is probably time to remodel. When your home is outdated, the aesthetic isn’t the only thing that suffers. With mainly old-fashioned features, your home will decrease in value, as well. Buyers more often than not want to purchase a home that is move-in ready. By bringing your style to life with home renovations from Butler Home Improvement, your home will attract more buyers willing to shell out more bucks!

Your Family Grew

If your family has grown over the years, it is likely that the space in your home is tighter than it once was. Just because you’ve added some new family members doesn’t mean you have to up and move to a larger home! With Butler Home Improvement, you can add an addition to your house that will give you all a little breathing room and allow you to stay in your cherished home.

If you’re re-reading this and nodding yes over and over again, it’s time to give the home improvement specialists at Butler a ring. For over twenty years we have transformed client’s homes on both sides of the river from drab to fab. We love to see the surprised look on a customer’s face when they finally see their dream come to life. Ready to take your own home renovation dreams to the next level? Call Butler Home Improvement today at (618) 344-7073 on the IL side and (314) 329-5489 on the MO side. You can also complete our online contact form and one of our friendly employees will contact you at their earliest convenience!